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Warning: This product contains nicotine, which is addictive.



当一个人吸食传统香烟或烟草时,会向环境中释放恶臭。这种难闻的气味不仅让一些用户感到不安,也让他们的家人感到不安。此外,除非使用强力物质去除异味,否则它会保留很长时间。人的手、头发和衣服都可能被该物质污染。这种气味让很多人感到恶心。在这种情况下,最好的做法是转向更好的替代品,例如电子烟。此外,在 MuseVape 可以买到这些口味的电子烟,让吸烟者即使在吸电子烟时也能尝到烟草的甜味。




电子烟在帮助吸烟者戒烟方面如此有效的原因有很多,而尼古丁热只是整个体验的一个方面。它在帮助戒除传统香烟方面非常有效,因为它满足了您在数月甚至数年的常规吸烟过程中形成的许多身体习惯和渴望。许多吸烟者在戒烟后发现自己的手很难找到一些东西——像悦刻一代 这样的电子烟设备正是为您提供的!当使用贴片、口香糖或锭剂作为替代品时,您甚至可能会发现自己错过了吸入和呼出香烟烟雾或蒸汽的身体行为。

Our New RELX Device Has All the Essentials

Our New RELX Device Has All the Essentials

Jul 20th 2021

RELX Essential has arrived! The new Essential device has all the basics you need at one amazing price.

If you are new to vaping, some key features to appreciate in your vape device include: dependable power, device reliability, a smooth mouthfeel and overall design.

RELX Pods Pro to prevent leaking. One reason your vape device may leak is when the oversaturated atomizer can’t hold the e-liquid or vape juice and the overflow leaks into your pocket or on your belongings. Another reason is changes in pressure when travelling. It’s a mess no one wants.

The next generation of ceramic pods, RELX Pod Pro, resists leaking with 11 structural layers and helps prevent internal leaks by trapping any condensation in the intelligent maze-like!

The key differences between RELX Infinity and Essential are the charging options, design and battery life. Infinity has a dual-charging design that features both a built-in pogo pin and a USB-C port. With the accompanying charging case, you can charge on-the-go for up to 3 extra days of battery life.

The built-in pogo pin also opens up more possibilities for more scenarios with RELX accessories, like the on-desk charging dock.*

Another added feature Infinity offers is the built-in SmartPace Alert system which enables you to keep track of your vaping. If you take over 15 puffs within 15 minutes, the device will send a notice in the form of a slight vibration to notify you.

Essential is our entry-point device that provides all you need in a vape pen at an affordable price. For users who are not looking for the added features of extra battery life, or a SmartPace Alert system, then the Essential is a perfect solution.

Both deliver our Super Smooth™ performance standard and use our RELX Pod Pro.

The choice is yours.

RELX Infinity vs RELX Essential

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RELX’s products are not just simple vaping devices. They are cutting-edge accessories that represent the most advanced generation of vaping technology. RELX also offers vaping starter kits for people who want to transition away from smoking. Our vaping devices and products combine elegant and modern designs with innovative, next-generation technology to provide you with a reliable and stylish replacement for cigarette smoking.

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